I’ve known Geoffrey Smith since he made the extraordinary documentary “The English Surgeon” – and a couple of years later “Presumed Guilty“. Just as he works tirelessly to make his own stories and characters come fully to life, he is equally passionate about getting other directors to create the same magic through his bespoke consulting work. Geoffrey is a master at finding and telling “the story”. I am honored to call him both my friend and mentor.

Cynthia Kane – Producer  USA

After ten years of shooting a film that captivated me, I ran from the idea of editing it myself. The stars were in alignment when Geoffrey Smith stepped in as my story consultant as he is simply the best at getting the most emotion and humanity from your material. Teamed up with his flawless story telling knowledge, I ran with confidence back into the edit room. Thank you Geoffrey, for the gift you are.

Connie Bottinelli – Director/Producer Grinning Dog Pictures USA

Having collaborated with Geoffrey on several documentary projects, I can confidently say he is an outstanding mentor and creative producer. When you’re up to your neck in a project and can’t see the wood for the trees, having someone like him to turn to is immensely reassuring. Geoffrey has made some great films, and thankfully, can help you make one too! I can’t recommend his services highly enough

Nick Barkla – Director/Producer Australia

As a consultant and Executive Producer, Geoffrey is truly great at diving in as a team member to offer his experience and skill to a project whilst respecting the director’s vision. He is nurturing and kind but won’t shy away from having difficult conversations if there are problems and issues with a film that must be addressed. He is really methodical and offers mature and intelligent insights which empower everyone in the team to do their best work and to raise the bar to the highest level. 

Rachel Wexler – Producer Bungalow Town Productions UK

I wish I had Geoffrey early on in my story development phase! It would have saved me a lot of time and money in R&D on my feature documentary!

Sunita Jariwala – Director/Producer Australia

As a producer, what I really appreciate about Geoffrey’s work is that not only do we make the best film from our available material, but that we also save a lot of money on unnecessary filming and editing costs. By getting to the real heart of our story and generating a basic roadmap about what we do and do not need to film before we start, we end up with a very efficient and focused shoot, and much more cohesive rushes. The director is happy, I as the producer am happy, and the audience is happy! 

Mario Adamson – Producer Sisyfos Film Sweden

Geoffrey is an extremely generous mentor and comes with a wealth of knowledge and understanding that emerging filmmakers really need access to. His input and experience helped us transform our material, and to create a more globally relevant film with a much, much bigger audience. I could not more highly recommend him!

Emma Macey – Director  Australia

It‘s easy to get lost in the details of your material. Geoffrey does an amazing job as story consultant, helping you find focus and structure. I highly recommend him for all creative documentaries, and after two years together all my future productions will pass through his expert lens.

Friedrich Moser – Director/Producer Blue Green Communication Austria

Geoffrey is brilliant at going straight to the heart of the film. I have worked with him on many of my ongoing projects at different points and found his input hugely valuable. Geoffrey has a special talent in helping filmmakers shape the story and craft the material to guarantee that the narrative is compelling and coherent. He brings years of experience to the table and can quickly identify weak points in the film’s structure, and his clarity and creativity help to find new ways of looking at the footage and seeing where scenes are best placed in the film.  

Working with Geoffrey is both a dynamic and enjoyable experience. His kindness and compassion to my diverse characters sits alongside his strong belief in the power of story to contribute to change and justice in the world.

Mischa Prince – Director/Producer UK and Guatemala

Geoffrey was instrumental in helping us approach our film with a fresh perspective at a time when it could have been easy to get lost in the changing circumstances of our story. He has a natural ability to guide and facilitate ideas, making suggestions that open up discussions, and creating a space for them to develop. This paid real dividends in the international pitching forums we went on to participate in.  

Will Austen – Director/Producer Scotland

Working with Geoffrey has been a joy. He came into a project that was not realizing its full potential, and his forensic, sensitive and patient interrogation of the story enabled the filmmaker to really understand how to move ahead.

Julia Overton – Producer JOTZ Productions  Australia

Geoffrey has a keen understanding of story, of helping craft the most compelling factual narratives, and then setting in place the emotional building blocks to ensure the most resonant story for audiences. His story development was invaluable. 

Adam Farrington Williams – Producer AFW Films  Australia

It’s been a real pleasure working with Geoffrey on my feature documentary. He came in at a point when my editor and I had hit a brick wall, and could no longer see the forest through the trees. With his fresh eyes, Geoffrey helped us regain an overview of the story and redefine our characters’ emotional journeys. Together, we came up with a new roadmap for how the story can play out in a more powerful and engaging manner. 

Rick Minnich  – Director Germany

Making “The English Surgeon” with Geoffrey was one of the best professional experiences I’ve had in this industry. It was an extraordinary and exciting project and I learnt so much about the craft of film-making from him.

Rachel Wexler – Producer Bungalow Town Productions UK



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“Deeply touching, resonant…and very funny”     Variety 

“The best documentary for a long time”    The Guardian 

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